ATA5577 125KHz Card

ATA5577 125KHz Card


Magnetic Stripe:
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  • The Atmel ATA5577 is the latest Atmel 125kHz transponder. This transponder is equipped with a configurable analog front end and is reverse-compatible to the now obsolete Atmel ATA5551, ATA5557, and ATA5567 types in the most commonly used modes. This enables the tag to be configured to work in a variety of circumstances such as a very high Q configuration. In addition, this allows the Atmel ATA5577 to have industry-leading performance when used in an ISO11784/785 configuration. This device should be considered for all new designs. Please visit the Atmel website for more information on what is required when configuring the analog front end supported by the kit in the firmware

    Brand: Atmel
    Materials: White PVC Stock
    Frequency: 125 KHz
    Memory Size: 330 bitsR/W
    Standard: ISO18000-2
    Size: 85.5 x 54mm (  3.375” x 2.125” )

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