Vigor Smartech was established in 2013 and has become one of the leading plastic card manufacturers in the world. Using the latest plastic card manufacturing equipment, we can handle jobs of all sizes, from a few hundred to several million pieces.

Vigor Smartech prides itself on being one of the few plastic card superstores in the market, offering a wide range of plastic card affiliated products and fulfilment services. Besides standard materials, we also offer certified reused material that meets or exceeds customers’ environmental requirements. When cost is a factor, we can make suggestions to increase savings.

As China’s main plastic card manufacturer and a most ideal choice beginning to end supplier of print and standard mail organizations, we offer a stunning relationship to affiliations who regard their own client associations and search for a quality help at the right expense of competitive plastic card price.

We work with clients across various commerce areas in Asia, Europe and Worldwide, including retail, cash, lodgings, travel and unwinding, and the public region. Working from an explanation gathered manufacturing grounds in ShenZhen, we produce in excess of million plastic cards each year and effectively perceive names of different brands. Our perspective and practices rely upon a genuine degree of flexibility and quality care, gotten together with specific fitness. 

 Our clients have a spot with a colossal extent of different endeavours including travel and unwinding, banking and cash, retail and the public territory. Huge quantities of our clients fuse associations, private and public sectors, government, prosperity trained professionals and more responsible option retail associations.


Our mission is to deliver value to our customers by providing high-quality products at an affordable price, with quality and customer care as our number one priority.


When purchasing from Vigor Smartech, you are buying with a plastic card quote directly from the manufacturer, not only saving you money but also time during the proof approval process. Our specialised trained customer service representatives will walk you through every step of the way.

You will get a bespoke plastic card quote of action reliant on: Genuine plastic card price, Personal contact and eye to eye get-togethers, price force, Leading edge development, total consistency with relevant industry rules, Advanced levels of adequacy, speed and versatility, security and mystery. 

 top-quality plastic card stamping at a genuine plastic card price is what we’ve amassed our remaining on. As a plastic card manufacturer,we offer a wide extent of things and organizations, including plastic commerce cards, devotion cards, plastic investment card stamping, plastic key card stamping, plastic blessing voucher stamping, and anything is possible from that point. 


As a plastic card manufacturer for both independent commerce and national brands, we take card quality very seriously. Every card purchased from Vigor Smartech is quality-checked during production, and again during QC inspection prior to shipping.


We don’t just take quality seriously, we guarantee it! Our goal is to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their order. If you are not 100% satisfied with the accuracy of your order, we will fix your order, credit your account, or provide a full refund.

Plastic Card Printing

Offset stamping

At Vigor Smart Tech , we use three Heidelberg offset presses to print millions of plastic cards each year. Their quality and dependability have been proven over and over. If you’re thinking about ordering plastic cards, no matter how many or how few, make sure you check into offset stamping. It’s still your best option for most stamping projects.

Screen Printing

Screen stamping

Screen stamping allows the use of special colors and special materials. Besides cardboard and plastic, textiles and wood are also suitable as printable materials. Various special paints such as fragrance varnish or relief varnish and metallic colors with metal pigments provide exceptional effects in plastic card stamping. The screen-stamping process is also used for security prints and rubbish fields. We can print both solvent-based and UV-drying.

Digital Printing

Digital stamping

We use digital stamping for smaller runs. Especially for cards with high security standards, it is advisable to apply the personalization under a protective laminate layer. This is only possible in digital stamping.

Magnetic Stripe setting

Magnetic Stripe Processing

Order magnetic stripe cards. Magnetic stripes or mag stripes, are the dark strips of magnetic material often seen on the back of  enlistment card, blessing voucher, dependability card, VIP card, commerce card, smartcard, key card, which are used in conjunction with a POS system.



In plastic card stamping, lamination is a fine layer of film that is applied to the top of a printed card for protection. Card printers with lamination capability apply laminate during the regular stamping process – it’s quick and easy!



Card personalization is used to uniquely assign a card to a person based on printed or stored data. Also envelopes, letters and other inserts can be personalized.


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As a plastic card manufacturer , we have clients from all around the world including Asia, Europe and Worldwide, including retail, cash, lodgings, travel and unwinding, and the public region. You may complete our online contact form or contact us directly via phone: (+86) 1348 0733465 or by email: ENQUIRY@VIGORSMARTECH.COM., our professional representative could handle your enquiry in as soon as possible.

Working from an explanation gathered at manufacturing grounds in ShenZhen, we produce in excess of a million plastic cards each year and effectively perceive names of different brands.  Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, Saturday from 10am to 3pm and close on Sunday.  Please drop us an enquiry form or email or even call us at any time when you need assistance.  


I am new to your company, I want to get more information before getting a plastic card quote, will you provide free samples for clients, so we could know your products more?

We are a large-scale plastic card manufacturer and fully understand our clients’ needs and concerns.  We will provide full assistance to both new clients and current clients, you are welcome to contact us to get the free sample, we know that it is better to see and feel the product physically rather than just see the photos or video.  You could get a free sample to study the details of our quality plastic card.

You just need to fill in the online form  and we will deliver the sample to your door.

Although we are not in a high price plastic card price, we are a well-established plastic card manufacturer, and we are eager to provide high quality plastic cards to our client. In order to committee this service level, we have a quality inspection team which is formed from our professional QC team members.  They will check every single plastic card after printing to make sure that our clients will receive the best product.

As a plastic card manufacturer with years of experience in the industry, we are making a wide scope of plastic cards like gift card, blessing voucher, dependability card, VIP card, reward card, smartcard, key card for everyone from the free organization to worldwide endeavours. We believe in a significantly near and dear and genuinely assessed Plastic Card creating organization. Ask us everything about custom plastic card printing.

Since 2013, we are the assumed custom plastic card manufacturer giving premium plastic card printing services organizations to a large number of ventures and relationships across the world. The prints from our end guarantee significant standard visuals and you’ll have the choice to re-try the estimation and surface for material to be used. We give you the best printing organizations at any rate expenses that stand out from the other card association accessible. Our one on one client managers will help you with completing your solicitation and dealing with issues, not just through cold call online systems yet rather a live person.

Improvement and imaginativeness walk an inseparable appreciation to which you will reliably get worldwide standard quality and plan whatever card you may present a solicitation for. As a plastic card manufacturer we have the confidence in the power of significant worth, maintain particular musings and knowledge to help you with achieving your targets by being prepared and outstandingly capable reliably. Consequently, notwithstanding the way that we help you produce spellbinding and adaptable insightful cards, anyway we similarly produce modified direct advancing letters, lanyards,etc.

Our plastic card printing services offer such premium quality kinds of help that when our customers and accessories think about card creation, they will promptly acknowledge whom to contact. In case there is an association which gives close thought to customer needs, ceaselessly screens the idea of the items it produces, ensures organization and keeps all cut off times, it is ensured on our own. A trustable plastic card factory will not baffle you

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