RFID wristband

RFID & NFC Wristband

OurRFID wristband and NFC wristbands are empowering to oblige access control, naming, segments and area checking. The wristbands are satisfying to wear and hard to lose, regardless of whether they are for one time utilized just or reusable, they are ideal for adolescents and grown-ups and occasions where fast assessing is fundamental.

Silicone Wristbands

TheseRFID wristbands join RFID advancement inside a reasonable and enchanting lodging. They are fiery, waterproof with a fixed electronic module. and are effortlessly worn around the wrist. 

TheseRFID wristbands are anticipated for use in both wet and high temperature conditions, for example, waterparks, diversion meccas, event collections, spas or public pools. It’s 100% watertight, dark secured and accessible in a gathering of sizes and tones, so chiefs can stamp it with their logo or message to make a remarkably conspicuous publicizing contraption. 

Eminent in redirection-based faculties, these wristbands are also made with adaptable, high appraisal clinical silicon for charming use. These custom RFID wristbands are stun, tear, and water safe and are absolutely suitable in saunas and steam rooms. Wristbands appear in a standard fifteen tones, four sizes, open with an oval, round or oblate head, and it can be adjusted with either laser drawing or silicon print for an altogether precise stepping contraption. 

Custom RFID wristbands can also be utilized in conditions, for example, Health Clubs and Leisure Areas for e-partitions, Access Control, Security, and more. Silicone wristbands are ideal for a degree of utilizations and affiliations including; loosening up work environments, inns, instructive foundations, occasions and degrees of progress. 

As a RFID wristband manufacturer, we in like way offer silicone wristbands in a degree of dynamic tones which can be revamped with text and logos. For surveying and additional data on changed things, partner with us today and one of our ruler outreach social occasions will truly have to prompt you on all the choices open! 

How to use RFID wristband precisely?

RFID depicts the strategy or relationship of sending the novel character of a wristband or any RFID-empowered advice utilizing radio waves. 

The advancement draws in expert peruses or ‘scanners’ to get the information on a RFID tag and confer it to a back-end PC framework without the requirement for certifiable contact.

What happens when a RFID wristband is checked? 

Precisely when inspected, a RFID scanner will bestow an encoded radio sign which perceives a tag. In under a millisecond, RFID names get the transmission and react with an extraordinary particular check number. The most immediately dependable connection with RFID is a scanner tag on a holder of pop. 

RFID Wristband G04

Right when checked, the standardized ID talks with an instructive assortment of data identifying with the pop. Subtleties including thing name, worth, weight and use-by-date are opened when a standardized distinctive confirmation is inspected. 

NFC Wristband  can be changed for most applications and activities. As a professional RFID wristband manufacturer,we offer a wide degree of wristbands that can be utilized at celebrations, games, livelihood shows, corporate occasions, pools and prosperity focuses. They empower to oblige access control, naming, parts and district taking note. 

The wristbands are satisfying to wear and hard to lose, regardless of whether they are for one time utilized just or reusable, they are ideal for youngsters and grown-ups and occasions where smart checking is vital. 

RFID Wristband G05

How does our NFC wristband perform well?

Read rate: High throughput. Countless names can be inspected a few minutes, making it ideal for occasion declarations. 

Line of Sight:  In the event that the tag is in game plan distance, no specific course is required. A RFID wristband can be examined from any course, even from the rear of the tag. 

Resource:  Low RFID can be robotized by techniques for a passage, or joined entrance, permitting supporters to tap their tag on territory on an occasion. 

Read/Write Capability: Examine/Write Capability: read, create, and even change intelligently 

Durability: High. RFID radio wires can be implanted in different, non-conductive materials for affirmation from water, warmth and blasts. 

Security: high. RFID is hard to duplicate. Names and the instructive record they access can be encoded and ensured by a secret word. This is a motivation driving why RFID wristbands are being utilized instead of paper passes at shows and celebrations.

Products Specification

  • Wristband Width: 17 / 33mm
  • Wristband Diameter: 65mm (standard) / 55mm (on request)
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Colours: Customized by your selected Pantone color
  • Surface: Opac
  • Humidity Resistance: IP 67
  • Application Temp: -25°C to 65°C

Personalization Options

  • Screen stamping

  • Engraving

RFID Wristband


  • Access control
  • Time tracking
  • Amusement parks / Leisure parks
  • Pools
  • Fitness clubs
  • Ski resorts
  • Ticketing
  • Outdoor


  • Highly secure (depends on RFID chip)
  • Compact and individual design (multiple colors, forms, materials)
  • Robust against external impacts (scratches,chemicals, dust, dirt etc.)
  • Fast, contactless RFID data transfer
  • Comfortable mounting on the wrist
  • Usual chip functionality
  • Successful and innovative costumer retention / marketing instrument

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