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Companies that set out to stand out and envision the extraordinary couldn’t need anything over to have a clear business card. Mind blowing promoting material to convey to VIPs and Business heads. Unlike other standard business card materials, plastic is intense and stuns with its sensible, frosted, or foggy white appearance. Custom business card printing is simplified and brisk with Vigorsmartech. 

With another container of clear business cards comes conviction, when the data that you’re prepared for each opportunity that comes your heading. Whether or not you’re setting up a first impression, repaying regulars with a reliability card or giving satisfied clients your contact information for a little while, we’re here to help you look and feel arranged to stun. Furthermore, with our simple to utilize move and setup devices, we make business card printing basic. 

Plastic Card Printing

Vigor Smart tech stays in a state of harmony with the events, dependably uniting custom business card printing with the chief’s courses of action, advancement, print media, creative print things and print machines that work for our clients all around. Since our beginning we’ve set up trust associated with our clients across the globe including individuals, aces, new organizations, distributors, checking associations, media get-togethers, enlistment workplaces, blockchain designers and equilibrium tech associations, lavishness style and retail stamps, plane get-togethers, hotels and resorts, prohibitive private support clubs, press clubs, sketchers and inside engineers, originators and visual fashioners, capable social orders, trained professionals and overall specialists, law workplaces, offices general, bars and bistros, wine and mix associations, banks, overall capital get-togethers and adventure firms, blue chips to fortune hundreds of associations similarly as schools, universities, and guidance altogether; which continue creating clear business card. We offer custom paper things and corporate printing organizations for various individuals, specialists, and overall associations covering the world market. We are a high situated pantone part. With various years’ contribution he showed warm printing, letterpress printing, standard “level ” balance printing, progressed silver/gold/metallic concealing printing, UV level inkjet printing, automated printing and the use of too better quality innocuous than the environment inkjet system. Arranged in Shenzhen, we are one of few associations you can find regardless of letterpress printing, warm printing and moreover we can make duplex cards with more slim papers. We transport the printed things wherever in the world. Raised Ink offers little to huge print runs of a collection of uniquely printed things in different materials for associations and affiliations. We can make thermography paper cards through an interesting strategy. In this way it is only open through printing experts. 

We are specialising card printing services which has its basis on custom business card printing, corporate arrangement, print plan, progressed printing, balance printing and fantastic print answers for associations. We use the imported premium cards from all over the world. We have made various kinds of incredible custom paper things, altered and business composing material. We print different types of business cards and then diverse custom paper things. 

Here, for any person who requires paper things printing of the most magnificent that we can print and pass on the printed things to clients’ private areas, participating spaces, regional working environments, hotels, social events, and parties’ settings around the world. We spread the business cards and elevating materials to our customers’ neighbourhood working environments when they select our organizations. Connect with us today through our contacts! 

Magnetic Stripe setting

Plastic business cards outfit you with the choice to print of different material, we moreover offer like solid card, or shaded card, or frosted business cards. Standard or uncommonly framed business cards build up a remarkable first association, and our frosted plastic business cards are incredibly standard. 

We similarly offer a combination of various fulfilments that can be applied to your solid or direct business cards, including shimmer, matte, and anything is possible from that point. At whatever point needed, you can reveal plastic business card material in a portion of your arrangement for use as an accentuate. Test custom cards are available upon request, in both direct plastic and solid. 

As a plastic business card manufacturer, we offer four-concealing, twofold sided clear business card engraving on the best plastic card stock. We moreover offer foil ventured business cards and various other options. Full arrangement organizations are available when you demand custom business cards, or we can recognize your camera-arranged workmanship. When printing business cards plastic is standard. Regardless, despite plastic cards, we moreover offer metal business cards and other material other options. Whether or not looking for a plastic business card or solid, our custom business card printing specialists in Shenzhen are open to help you print business cards that best locate your picture, similarly as they help you with a business card plan and walk you through every movement of the printing measure.


The clear business card and frosted business card can make your plastic business card stand out from the crowd and may help to get a new business opportunity.  Good design plastic business card  could help to create a high perceived value ensuring that your plastic business cards do not get thrown away. Plastic business card will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

If you are looking for a clear or frosted look, we could provide custom business card printingfor both type of business card. We love finding new & creative ways to utilize transparent plastic to create the world’s most unique business cards.

Clear business card is cool and by far our most popular option. It is perfect for you if you are looking for the “wow factor” that will support your brand or design.  The WOW factor when handing someone a clear business card who has never seen a fully-transparent card before is unforgettable. This can be particularly striking when a business uses a clear element to emphasize what they do as a company.

Frosted plastic business cards not only have an impressionable look, but a unique feel as well. A frosted card has a matte look and feel, which makes the card feel more premium. A frosted card works really well for businesses who want to exude professionalism -or- creativity & style. Frosted business cards are most effective with a colorful design scheme. Colors on a frosted card are much more vivid than on a clear card.

Still hard to make your choices?  Why not both? The combination creates an unforgettable business card that your customers and prospects will love. Another way to stand out is to incorporate both frosted and clear elements together.

RGB (Red, Green and Blue) is the color space for digital images and is all about seeing the light. Use the RGB color mode if your design is supposed to be displayed on any kind of screen. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black) is the color space for printed materials which is used when the designs that are intended for print should be designed in CMYK mode.

When you’re getting to design your gift card for custom business card printing, it’s important to know the difference between the RGB and CMYK color modes so you can plan and optimize each stage of the design process. If a business card will go for custom business card printing, i.e. physically printed, you need to set up the color mode on CMYK instead of RGB. If you find it in the wrong format, you need to convert RGB to CMYK before sending the file for us to print. It could be done with computer programme like Photoshop. If this step isn’t done, you may have a risk of losing some colour effect, and this could have some quite undesirable effects, like manufacturing text with four color black.

Steps to make your plastic business card as below: 

Step 1: Choose a business card template from our website .  The template is prepared in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, CorelDRAW X7 and PDF formats. 

Step 2: Confirm the size of your plastic business card

We offer standard size, four-concealing, twofold sided clear business card engraving on the best plastic card stock.

Step 3: Choose the materials of your plastic business card

Plastic business cards outfit you with the choice to print different material, we moreover offer solid cards, shaded cards, or frosted business cards. 

Step 4: Customize and finalize your design

We offer a combination of various fulfilments that can be applied to your solid or direct business cards, including shimmer, matte, and anything is possible from that point to make your plastic business card stand out.  

Remember to design your plastic business card in CMYK as our Heidelberg offset printing machine uses the industry-standard color mode CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to create all the colors. We also accept Pantone Colors. Just specify the PMS code on your artwork when you finish the design.

Step 5: Order plastic business card after finalizing your design

Please provide us with your own artwork via email or upload, our dedicated artwork team will check the preparation of the files for custom business card printing.  You will receive an electronic proof to approve prior to your order entering production.

Step 6: Check and approve the plastic business card

You can cancel before we start production. For online orders, your card is not charged until your job enters production. Normally, our production time will take 5-7 business hours after the date approval. All orders will be sent by DHL worldwide express with 3-4 business to your address.

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