Quickly becoming a widespread phenomenon, NFC and RFID technology is establishing itself as a smart solution to everyday problems. Card uses range from Access Control, Live data collection/transfer, contactless payments and many, many more.

And chip cards, which called smart cards, are used for E-cards, ID cards, customer loyalty cards or city card. Furthermore, it can be equipped by a payment function. Compared to the magnetic stripes and the barcodes, it offers a bigger flexibility because of the high storage volume. Therefore, these cards are suitable as memory cards for data or as security-key for access and time attendance systems. Chip cards can be used for different platforms and also can be integrated in existing systems. Processor-chips show a special form: They are working with their own operating systems and we use them for reliable applications, especially in the payment transactions. Beside these chip types, which are working by a card reader. VIGOR also offers RFID and NFC chips. These cards are working contactless. Which requirements you want to have on your chip-cards: VIGOR is your competent partner for every usual RFID / NFC Card.



The Near Field Communications-NFC is an international transmission standard for contactless exchange of data via radio technology of short distances like few centimeters. 

So far, this technical is used for micro-payment- cashless payment in smaller amounts- but it can also be used for customer or membership cards.


Contactless Smart card technology Contactless technology (RFID or NFC) is used wherever persons or objects are to be identified without direct contact or data are to be checked. Such data carriers are based on transponders, a combination of chip and antenna, and enable the reading, storing and sending of information via radio. A distinction is made between Low-frequency, High-frequency, and Ultra-high-frequency transponders. 

RFID media are impervious to moisture, soiling and mechanical influences. As a result, a virtually wear-free use of the map information is possible. By segmenting, various applications (e.g., access controls and canteen systems) can also be accommodated on a smart card. Besides NXP, ST Micro-Electronics and Infineon, our partners include many other suppliers and partners with whom we work together.

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