Recycled Plastic Cards


On request, our plastic PVC cards can be made of 100% recycled PVC for the smallest possible carbon footprint.

This innovative technology enables us to use materials that have already been used before. This avoids the unnecessary production of plastic, so we can produce a product for you that is less harmful to the environment as a whole.

The raw material used for our recycled plastic card made of waste from the packaging, window and automobile industries.

While these eco friendly plastic cards are not inferior to our conventional plastic cards in terms of stability and feel, they are made of at least 99% recycled materials

Our recycled plastic card has the Green certifications needed to show that you are doing your spot to help the climate. The possibility of harmless to the ecosystem cards has been around for quite a long time, however here at Authentic8 we have now figured out how to bring the expense down dramatically – which implies that being green no longer has to cost the earth. 

Biodegradable plastic cards are undeniably appropriate for the individuals who request not just a high-worth and expert item quality yet in addition think about the ecological viewpoint. Customary PVC-cards are described by their long sturdiness, much the same as the wide range of various practically identical plastic items. In any case, the disadvantage here is that the design of customary PVCs stays flawless for quite a while and in this way dirties our current circumstance as waste over the long haul. 

 That is the motivation behind why we offer other options and recyclable wooden, grass, cardboard cards or BIO PVC cards. These are cards with a PVC structure that biodegrade along with natural matter in a compostable climate. The accumulating side-effects are ecologically unbiased and toxic! 

PETG And ABS: Alternative Eco Friendly Plastic Card


If it looks like PVC, feels like PVC, and performs like PVC, it must be PVC, right? Not the case with some recycled plastics. A promising option for a more eco friendly plastic card is polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG). Derived from polyester, PETG is 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable, and non-gaseous. PETG is also easily customizable because of its superior strength and flexibility qualities. And it is 100 percent recyclable AND biodegradable. Yet, it still acts a lot like PVC, so it’s pretty tough and resists impact. Making PETG is easy and designs look great! 

PETG Sheet

Our PET plastic card can be easily resolved, customized and coded like ordinary plastic cards. Attractive stripe and chip coding just as personalization with text and scanner tag are similarly pretty much as conceivable as the getting done with extraordinary tones, foil embellishing and visualizations. 

The PET plastic card  from reusing materials is accessible in various characteristics from 0.40mm to the standard ISO nature of 0.80mm. As a shrewd variety with chip or potentially attractive strips, the harmless to the ecosystem cards can be created in the nature of 0.80 mm with a reusing substance of up to 94%, where the extent of Radio Frequency Identification parts including receiving wire + silicon chip is around 6%. 

Our cards produced using PET are 100% recyclable, n request to diminish reliance on crude materials and secure the climate, we utilize reused materials and furthermore reuse our creation waste to create as little trash as could be expected. 

Our 100% eco friendly plastic PET cards can be customized and encoded by you on location with DOD inkjet or warm exchange printers. This implies that this harmless to the ecosystem option in contrast to our ordinary plastic card doesn’t need any progressions to the hardware in your shop, at your occasion, and so on, which consequently secures the climate, as well. We readily prompt you on the properties and preferences of our new cards and backing you in supplanting your ordinary plastic cards. 

Vigor Smartech are glad to offer you all assortments of handling procedures straightforwardly at our area in Shenzhen or to help you with the decision of your own card printer.


eco-friendly plastic options just stop there. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic is a recycled plastic compound that is itself entirely recyclable. ABS is also widely considered to be a more durable, longer lasting, and easier to recycle plastic than PVC.

Our ABS plastic card is additionally an incredible option in contrast to PVC ones. ABS, as well, is 100% recyclable and is itself produced using reused plastic. Furthermore, get this –it’s significantly more solid than PVC. Contingent upon the temperature where the card is put away, an ABS card will not snap down the middle the manner in which a PVC card will. You’ll cherish how great your plans look on ABS.

ABS plastic cards work well for any type of card, including plastic commerce cards, Visas, smartcards and that’s just the beginning. Furthermore, on the off chance that you decide to go this course, you can tell individuals about your decision by joining an earth-accommodating logo into your plan. With environmentally cordial plastic cards, you unquestionably have reasonable choices. It’s easy to advance your commerce and give a valiant effort for the earth. 


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